Land-based exercise can lead to major health benefits, but at what cost to your joints? AquaFit is aerobics in the water, and not only does it get you fit with none of the impact of hammering the gym floor, it can also give your muscles a massage while you work out. Water exercise doesn't get much more inclusive than Aquafit. Virtually anybody can take part. There is a session suitable for all needs, even people who can't swim.

So, what is it?
In short, it is aerobic exercise in water, a fitness class in the pool. It promotes fitness for life and aims to maintain stamina, strength, and suppleness. It is also good at reducing stress levels.
Working out in water has a range of benefits. The key one being that the water acts as a cushion protecting joints such as the spine and ankles. Buoyancy lifts and supports the body, giving a wonderful feeling of freedom and providing an environment in which exercise movements and relaxation are easy. Also, water offers resistance, this means you can tone and develop muscle groups in a low impact environment.  Water movement around the body also has a massaging effect, helping to work the less used muscles during exercise. Also, the temperature of most pools means you can work hard without over heating the body.

Our experienced and friendly instructors ensure that every AquaFit session is fun, inclusive and above all rewarding. 

Classes are held in our ladies only sessions on the following days/times:
Tuesday 8-9pm
Wednesday 9.45-10.45am

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